Care Center Spotlight: Metro Orthopaedics & Sports Therapy

Published December 11, 2017

Metro Orthopaedics and Sports Therapy (MOST) was founded in 1995 by Dr. Steven Smith, a sports medicine surgeon and long-time orthopaedic practitioner. Since Dr. Smith’s retirement in 2005, Dr. James Gilbert has led the care center through major modifications and changes in an effort to establish a new norm in high-quality patient care.

The physicians at MOST work with numerous professional teams, including D.C. United, the Washington Spirit and U.S. Soccer, and have served as senior consultants at major sporting events, including the Olympics and World Cup. While they proudly service the world’s leading athletes, the division’s mission is to provide preventative and rehabilitative care to patients of all athletic abilities so they can continue to enjoy the activities they love.

MOST embraces a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care and was among the first in the Washington Metropolitan area to synthesize and integrate physical therapy and sports therapy into their preventative and treatment programs. Dr. Gilbert and colleagues Dr. Philip Omohundro, Dr. James Thiel, Dr. George Balis, Dr. Eric Guidi, Dr. Lani Nagorski and Dr. Suzanne Walters, have extensive clinical experience, are involved in research on emerging technologies, and lecture both locally and internationally.

It is the physicians’ mission to allow all patients the opportunity to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. MOST believes in a holistic and minimally invasive approach to treating patients’ conditions, but when surgery is required, MOST’s clinical team achieves full recovery in record time. MOST physicians work alongside four PTs, two PA-Cs, and several athletic trainers to provide patients with prehabiliation and cutting-edge care options.

Going beyond standard care at MOST means using innovative, non-operative techniques to restore patients back to their optimal health as quickly as possible. MOST physicians use advanced regenerative care options, including plasma cell treatments and genomic testing, as both preventative and rehabilitative treatment.

Additionally, MOST is extremely excited to be part of the development and implementation of a revolutionary telemedicine platform. Accessible by smart phone, tablet, or desktop, the App will allow patients and providers to connect in real-time, and seamlessly connect patient information to the provider’s EHR, all HIPPA compliant. In today’s changing healthcare landscape, telemedicine allows patients to conveniently meet with their physician and receive the private practice standard of personal care via cost-effective, secure online offices from the comfort of their home. MOST’s ultimate goal is to push the boundaries of the healthcare industry and adapt to meet each and every patient’s needs.

The Centers’ mission to provide compassionate, quality care in a private practice model was what first attracted the care center to join the group. For MOST, connecting with a large group like The Centers created an invaluable opportunity to work with like-minded individuals to make an impactful difference in the healthcare industry.