Scaphoid Fractures

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A scaphoid fracture, one of the most common types of wrist fractures, is a break in the scaphoid bone. The scaphoid, one of the most important bones in the wrist, has a limited blood supply. An improperly treated scaphoid fracture can result in significant wrist pain, arthritis, and loss of motion.

What are scaphoid fractures?

This detailed video describes scaphoid fractures, including their anatomy, causes, symptoms, and diagnosis. A scaphoid fracture is a serious problem that may be confused with a wrist sprain. X-rays are needed to identify scaphoid fractures. However, some non-displaced scaphoid fractures may not be visible on x-rays until a few weeks after the injury, so x-rays may need to be repeated. A bone scan, MRI or CT scan may also be required.