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Save time when you book online. Conveniently schedule or reschedule appointments at one of our many locations today.

Get Back On Track
After an injury, we’ll get you back on track

From high school athletes to weekend warriors, injuries can be part of the game. Let CAO’s Sports Medicine Team get you back in action.

Arthritis Management
Manage Your Arthritis The Proper Way

CAO offers a full range of services to treat arthritis, from rheumatologists to orthopaedic surgeons offering minimally invasive surgical intervention and joint replacement.

The Power of the Region’s Largest Orthopaedic Provider

The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics, the leading provider of comprehensive musculoskeletal care in the region, delivers the expert care you need, right when and where you need it.

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CAO Spotlight
Insights and highlights of the Region's Largest Orthopaedic Provider
Mimi's Ankle Replacement Story

Meet Mimi. She's back on the course and on top of her golf game.

Division Spotlight: Bay Area Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Since 1986, Bay Area Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine has maintained a keen focus on assisting patients through every phase of their orthopaedic care.

CAO Research Center

Improving patients’ lives through collaborative support of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal research.