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Published May 20, 2016

By Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center

It’s not exactly a hidden secret to those in the Woodbridge area. Northern Virginia residents have access to top notch medical care in their community, thanks to Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center. But what many people don’t know are the stories behind the patients. Charles Harris is one such patient. It’s because of Sentara, with its dedicated staff and innovative surgical techniques, that Mr. Harris got a new shoulder.

Mr. Harris had been suffering from chronic, painful shoulder arthritis. After finding no relief through other avenues, in November 2015, Mr. Harris met Dr. Cyrus Press, an orthopedic surgeon at NoVa Orthopedic and Spine Care, a division of The Centers for Advanced Orthopedics. Dr. Press performs shoulder replacement surgeries at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center.

At his meeting with Dr. Press, Mr. Harris learned that he was a candidate for a new procedure called stemless shoulder replacement. The procedure is so new, it is critical to find a medical center that has the expertise necessary to make this type of surgery successful. If Mr. Harris agreed to the procedure, he would be the first patient in Northern Virginia to receive it.

“I didn’t even know you could replace a shoulder,” said Mr. Harris. After extensive research about his options for shoulder replacement procedures, as well as orthopedic surgeons, Mr. Harris scheduled his stemless shoulder replacement with Dr. Press for December 3, 2015.

Dr. Press is enthusiastic about this new surgical technology. He said, “It [surgery]provides me an innovative new option that I can discuss with my patients who suffer from shoulder arthritis. Being able to offer my patients the ideal surgery for their specific problem gives me great satisfaction and provides the patient the best opportunity to have a successful outcome.”

Dr. Press developed a good rapport and made Mr. Harris feel comfortable from the start. “I did my research on him, asked around to find out what kind of guy and what kind of surgeon he is, and I heard nothing but praise,” said Mr. Harris. “Everyone told me, ‘He’s the best.’ And I’ve absolutely found that to be true. Dr. Press is both a remarkable surgeon and a great man.”

Immediately following the surgery, Dr. Press visited Mr. Harris in his hospital room to see how he felt post-surgery. “That meant a lot to me,” said Mr. Harris. “He was genuinely concerned with how I was doing. Not only as a patient, but also as a person. And that showed me that he’s every bit as good as people told me he was.”

Mr. Harris was amazed that he felt no pain from the incision itself, which was the pain he worried about most. The surgery was so successful that Mr. Harris went home the very next afternoon on December 4.

“I knew the strength would come back slower than the range of motion,” said Mr.Harris. “And, yes, that’s frustrating, but I honestly don’t feel that inconvenienced. I’m very focused on my recovery. I know I’ll be sailing this summer and throwing around the football with my grandson.”

Sentara’s unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality care for the Northern Virginia community is demonstrated each day through a coordinated care approach provided by a team of experienced surgeons along with specially-trained nurses, therapists and technicians. Mr. Harris is just one patient who has benefited from the enhanced patient experience at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center.

For more information on this approach, the Sentara OrthoJoint Center and Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center, visit www.sentara.com/woodbridge-virginia.

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