Care Center Spotlight: Montgomery Orthopaedics

Published April 12, 2017

The Montgomery Orthopaedics care center opened its doors in 1977 in Rockville, Maryland under the leadership of retired physician and founder Dr. Elliott Friedel, who provided a wide variety of orthopaedic treatments for patients in the community.  

To ensure widespread coverage of all orthopaedic needs, early on, the practice adopted a long-term growth strategy to bring on an additional sub-specialist every four to five years, adding six physicians since its founding. In 2015, Montgomery Orthopaedics relocated to its current, expanded office space in Chevy Chase, Maryland to accommodate increasing patient demand.

Specialties at Montgomery Orthopaedics

Truly a "one-stop shop" for orthopaedic care, Montgomery Orthopaedics provides nearly all musculoskeletal services under one roof, including regular physician visits, minimally invasive procedures, physical therapy, hand therapy and urgent care. As many Workers’ Compensation injuries are orthopaedic in nature, patients can turn to Montgomery Orthopaedics for diligent and understanding physicians who provide comprehensive treatment aimed to help the injured worker quickly reach maximum medical improvement.

In 1983, Dr. Clifford Hinkes joined Dr. Friedel as the practice’s second orthopaedic physician. He offers treatments and surgeries including arthroscopic surgery, joint replacement, sports medicine care and more.

Board-certified and fellowship trained in spine surgery, Dr. Philip Schneider specializes in outpatient surgery and artificial disc replacement, turning to minimally invasive spine surgery whenever possible to ensure faster recovery times. Dr. Schneider lectures widely on the topic, has written numerous papers and has several patents and inventions of spine devices.

Dr. Daniel Pereles then joined Montgomery Orthopaedics, serving as the practice’s sports medicine specialist with considerable expertise in shoulder and knee injuries. In addition to treating patients in-office, he provides sports coverage as the team physician for the Churchill High School football team.

Total joint replacement specialist Dr. Antoni Goral offers a variety of services to Montgomery Orthopaedics’ patients including lower extremity reconstruction, arthroscopic ligament reconstruction, minimally invasive joint replacements and more.

Dr. Harrison Solomon provides hand and upper extremity care at Montgomery Orthopaedics, including treatments for trigger finger injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, wrist tendinitis, fracture care and more. Dr. Solomon also serves as the team physician for Walt Whitman High School Football.

The most recent addition to the Montgomery Orthopaedics staff is Dr. John Keeling, a foot and ankle specialist with expertise in foot and ankle surgery, trauma and post-traumatic surgery, deformity correction and sports medicine. The care center also offers on-site custom bracing and orthotics. Continuing with its growth plans, the care center will bring on an additional spine surgeon towards the end of 2017.

To offer patients the most convenient access to musculoskeletal care, Montgomery Orthopaedics provides a comprehensive physical therapy team in the same location in Chevy Chase. With three physical therapists and one occupational and certified hand therapist, patients can expect Montgomery Orthopaedics to meet all of their rehabilitation needs. Montgomery Orthopaedics’ hand therapy offerings include the use of manipulative techniques to restore motion and strength, and the hand therapist is up-to-date on the latest surgical techniques, rehabilitation protocols and best practices. He offers custom splints to assist with recovery and to prevent re-injury.

Physicians at Montgomery Orthopaedics keep each patient’s location and accessibility in mind when referring to a physical therapist and ensure they find the right fit for each patient, whether it is within the practice or at another CAO Physical Therapy Center.

Montgomery Orthopaedics in the Community

Montgomery Orthopaedics regularly participates in fundraisers and benefits for the community. Dr. Daniel Pereles and his wife created and organize an annual 5K for Autism Speaks, which has raised nearly $3 million in recent years. Dr. Schneider is a former member of the board for the Holy Cross Health Foundation, and currently serves on the board of the University System of Maryland Foundation, which provides student scholarships.

Committed to offering the most compassionate, personalized care for its patients, Montgomery Orthopaedics decided to join The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics to maintain the private practice values the physicians share. Despite being approached by many area hospitals for consolidation, the physicians desired the independence to treat patients how they see fit, and felt the unique business model found with The Centers provided the best opportunity to grow as the healthcare landscape continues to shift. The physicians are able to stay abreast of all regulatory changes and requirements with the support of CAO, while remaining true to its loyal patients and community.