Sunjay Berdia M.D., M.S. Physician


  • “I am writing to thank you for referring me to Dr. Sunjay Berdia for a second opinion.

    “This past May, I came to you with a broken right pinky finger. It was a pile-on fracture that shattered the PIP joint. You told me that it was a severe and complicated fracture, and you said that I would probably have to live with it and/or have the joint fused.

    “Fortunately, you referred me to Dr. Berdia. He agreed that it was a nasty break. But he was willing to attempt to fix it – by either reconstructing the joint with my own bone or doing a joint replacement. We opted to try the first option, with the joint replacement as a fallback Plan B if the attempt at joint reconstruction failed.

    “I am happy to tell you that the joint reconstruction went very well. He did the surgery on May 31, and today I was discharged. As you will see from the enclosed Hand Therapy Progress Summary, I have regained considerable range of motion and my hand strength is returning. Dr. Berdia, in his soft-spoken, low-key manner, called it “a home run!” I am very pleased with the result.

    “So, thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I am grateful to you and to Dr. Berdia for giving me back the use of my finger.”

    R S P
  • “Dr. Berdia,

    “A million thanks for eliminating a glomus tumor & nearly 40 years of incredible pain and suffering. You are truly a miracle worker and a real blessing to me and my family. I never dreamed I’d live pain-free and now I do thanks to you.”

    J M
  • “Just a note to thank you for your fine professional care. Hard to make a 71 yr. old 50 again but if it does not work this time, we’ll try again.”

    C M T
  • “Dear Dr. Berdia

    “I’m writing this letter to express my appreciation to Dr. Victor Chang who I have seen for my knee and shoulder problems at the Shady Grove Center for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation in Germantown since October 2011. I was very fortunate to be his patient and had a very pleasant experience with the entire office staff and operation.

    “I found Dr. Chang to be a very talented, caring and hard-working individual with great skills and knowledge in physical therapy. He made the treatment effective and efficient with accurate diagnosis. He listened carefully and answered questions well. He was always patient and pleasant. I saw him working above and beyond to take care of his patients. Dr. Chang really impressed me with his superb physical therapy skills, caring attitude and exceptional professionalism.

    “I also want to commend the Center for the excellent management and the teamwork. I was impressed by the clinic. It was clean and the atmosphere was pleasant. Everyone focused on his/her work and at the same time work together as a team. The transitions from patient to technicians to therapists were smooth and time was always well used.

    “Dr. Chang is a very humble individual who was surprised when I asked for this supervisor’s information that I would like to write a letter of appreciation and recommendation for him. I want to thank him. I also want to congratulate you on having such an outstanding therapist and staff in your practice.”

    J L