Leo M. Rozmaryn, M.D.

Leo M. Rozmaryn M.D. Physician


  • “I have used and recommended this practice extensively over the last 15 years. For myself, Dr Barry Boden reconstructed both my left and right ACL’s and reattached my superspinatus to my humerus. All three surgeries were complete successes. Dr Rozmaryn successfully operated on my friend’s broken wrist and Dr Levin performed spinal surgery on that friend.”

    Roger B.
  • “He did surgery on my hand and wrist after it had been broken and incorrectly set by another doctor.He gave me back use of my hand and relief from on-going pain.”

    Helen S.
  • “Ten years ago I had hand surgery done by this Dr. and he repaired a botched surgery by a surgeon located in Western Maryland. This surgery went off without a problem and I have perfect use of my hand since Dr. Rozmaryn repaired the damage done by the previous Dr. One year ago I fell and broke my right elbow. I immediately asked for Dr. Rozmaryn to be the surgeon to help me. This was a serious injury and he immediately did the surgery and today my right elbow has 85- 90% mobility because of his great skills. He was always considerate, had great bedside manner, always the patient first. I did wait for long periods in the his office to do follow up appts. however, I would rather wait for a great surgeon because he is caring for another patient than to have a surgeon who can see me because no one wants his services. I wouldn’t recommend any other surgeon for hand, or arm surgery. Dr. Rozmaryn is the best…

    “Dr. Rozmaryn is an AMAZING doctor. I trust him with my life. He has performed 3 hand surgeries on me and cared for another surgery post-op though he wasn’t the operating doctor. I have known him for 22 years. All surgeries have gone extremely well. When I had some post-op pain, he dealt with that with care and efficiency. I recommend him to everyone and anyone!”

    Erin C.
  • “I cannot recommend Dr. Rozmaryn highly enough. Though not an expert in medicine myself, it seems quite obvious that Dr. Rozmaryn is not only extremely knowledgable and skilled, but is willing to take the time to answer questions and provide explanations that enable the patient and family to be confident in his decisions and abilities. His caring manner and individual attention for my son was much appreciated. (By the way, in my opinion, any wait is well worth it to get Dr. Rosmaryn’s personal attention.) His expertise appears to be state-of-the-art, and I could not have hoped for more.”

    Robert M
  • “Dr Rozmaryn was a godsend when I broke my wrist in January. I got an appt as soon as the snow cleared, I got an appt for surgery the next day, he explained everything and then more, he answered texts promptly for all my questions after surgery. I never had to have a cast and am now just waiting on the scars to heal. I love that guy. The only negative is the front staff (at both Chevy Chase Surgical and at the office on Key West, well they aren’t so great. BUT the staff behind the front desks are fabulous, and especially good at Chevy Chase. Class act. If I break my foot next, I am going to see this wrist surgeon:-)”

    Beth W
  • “Dr. Rozmaryn has performed surgery on my hands 3 times over the years. Hands are his specialty. He is top notch and I highly recommend him. He explains everything from start to finish and everything he said was spot on. You could not get a better Orthopedic Doctor. Straight to the point, Honest. Knowledgeable, Cares about his patients and I trust him 110%.!! He is also a very kind and caring person! See Dr. Rozmaryn. He is brilliant, you won’t be disappointed! He even gives you his cell phone number.”

    Terry H
  • “I have had Dr. Rozmaryn operate on five of my fingers over the past few years to eliminate pain caused by bone-on-bone osteo arthritis. He has fused the first joint in three fingers, and replaced the 2nd joint in both little fingers with silicone implants. In all cases I have not needed any pain medications following surgery, and all five surgical sites healed completely, without complications, and with the expected full function following prescribed therapy by Certified Hand Therapists.”

    Dennis K
  • “Dr. Rozmaryn has preformed two separate surgeries on my right hand, one for carpel tunnel release and the other for microscopic hematuria, both extremely successful. It has been four years since my surgeries with absolutely no ill after affects. I am currently under his care for a rotator cuff sprain and strain and Dr. Rozmaryn’s acute sense of attention to detail has enabled me to completely recover with minimal invasion (steroid injection) and physical therapy. Dr. Rozmaryn is not “cut happy” and will only perform surgery if absolutely necessary. Dr. Rozmaryn’s pleasant bedside manner, professionalism, medical knowledge, vast experience combined with his positive attitude that the patient is his highest priority is refreshing in today’s culture of physicians. I would recommend Dr. Rozmaryn to anyone who desires a top notch surgeon!”

    Richard T
  • “After having been mis-diagnosed, for about 6 months, I decided to get a 2nd opinion. When I walked into his office and sat down, he (he knew it was 2nd opinion) pushed his card across the desk to me and said “here is my cell phone no. and email, call me if you have any quetions.” I almost fainted. He spent about 45 minutes with me, pulled out a skeleton to show me what was wrong and what needed to be done, explained why he disagreed with another dr., how he would do the surgery, etc. I hired him on the spot. What a wonderful experience…later I learned about his work during Hurricane Katrina, and realized he was also a wonderful human being”

    Maven S
  • “Dr. Rozmaryn is, in my opinion, one of the best hand surgeons ever. He has performed several surgeries on my hands including repairing my right wrist from a really bad fall. He is very knowledgeable, organized and pleasant. I have recommended him to many of my friends and family. Trust is very important to me, and I trust Dr. Rozmaryn.”

    Jennifer C
  • “I went was referred to Dr. Rozmaryn to get help with recovering from a recreational sports injury to my finger. I am a smooth jazz saxophonist, and the use of my hands are essential to my ability to use my gifts. He and his team helped me recover from my finger injury and provided vital guidance and methodologies to recover via excercises, tools, and priceless advice. Now I am back playing again and preparing for an Apollo Performance in NY. He is an expert in his field and the guidance he gave me will benefit my health and music career forever. All I can say is Go See Him!”

    Bernard H